For many people, deciding on a career can feel like taking a journey without either a map or a destination.  Eventually, with some advice and direction, a little exploration and maybe a dead end or two, you begin to get a sense of where you’d like to go and how to get there.  Whether you’re just starting out or picking up a new career mid-life, Piedmont Tech offers courses and services to help you find your path and get to your goal.

Good advice and good resources are the best road maps. PTC’s Counseling, Career Planning and Employment Services can help you explore your options and get started on a plan of action. Academic advisors, too, can help you choose the right classes for your goal.

PTC’s 80+ certificate, diploma and degree programs are some of the best vehicles around for taking you to your career destinations. In a year or less a certificate can get you into a job, in two years an associate degree can move you a little farther along your career path, and transferring to a four-year college will take you even farther.

Map out your options by taking a look at the PTC A-Z listing below. And when you’re ready to start planning your career, visit to find out how to enroll in classes.  Call the Admissions Office at (855) 446-3864 for answers to your questions.


If you’re headed toward a bachelor’s degree, we can help you get there. Piedmont Tech offers more than 80 courses that transfer to any public university or college in South Carolina, and hundreds of PTC students transfer credits earned at Piedmont Tech to universities throughout the state each year.

Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts program prepares students for four-year baccalaureate majors in fields such as business, accounting, management, English, journalism, social work, education, music, psychology, history, pre-law, humanities, fine arts and social sciences.

Associate in Science

The Associate in Science degree stresses mathematics, as well as natural and physical sciences, and prepares students for four-year baccalaureate majors in those fields, plus engineering, pre-med, veterinary medicine, chiropractic and education.

Transfer Partnerships & Career Path Transfers

PTC has established specific transfer agreements with more than 19 colleges and universities, as well as specific career path transfers in areas such as business, criminal justice, engineering technology, education and many more. Talk to your advisor to decide which path is right for you.

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We all know that agriculture is an important part of South Carolina’s heritage. But did you know that agriculture-based businesses play a critical and expanding role in the growth of the state’s economy? In fact, agribusiness is one of the largest economic clusters in the state and a critically important part of the knowledge based economy.

Diversified Agriculture

Provides students with advanced technical knowledge in sustainable agriculture, field crop production, pest management, soil and water management, hydraulics and pneumatics, agriculture economics and marketing related to the agricultural industry.

A.A.S., Major in Diversified Agriculture
Basic Diversified Agriculture Certificate

Horticulture Technology

Students are prepared for supervisory, middle management and technical positions in horticulture, including landscape design, implementation and maintenance.

A.A.S., Major in Horticulture Technology
Turfgrass Management Certificate
Landscape Management Certificate
Landscape Design and Installation Certificate
Greenhouse Management Certificate

South Carolina Mean Salaries

Farmer – $73,940
Agricultural Technician – $34,360
Nursery Operator – $27,290


If you’re a good communicator who enjoys solving problems, a career in business might be right for you. Computers have also become an indispensible part of everyday life. Majoring in Computer Technology at Piedmont Tech will give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to get started in Information Technology and computer science.    

Administrative Office Technology

Actual work experience and instruction in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet applications, transcription, office procedures, communication, accounting and more give graduates the ability to work independently and handle the details of office administration.

A.A.S., Major in Administrative Office Technology
Office Technician Certificate

Business Administration

Probably no other occupational area encompasses a more diverse range of activities than the business field. 

A.A.S., Major in Business Administration
Accounting Certificate
Entrepreneurship Certificate

Commercial Art

If you have an artistic streak and you enjoy solving problems by thinking creatively and interacting with computers, you should consider a major in Commercial Art. 

A.A.S., Major in General Technology – Commercial Art
  • Concentrations in advertising design, digital rendering and photography

Advertising Design Certificate
Digital Rendering and Gaming Development Certificate
Photography Certificate

Computer Technology

Students study computer maintenance, local and wide area networks and popular programming languages. Graduates are truly prepared to take their place in the Information Age. 

A.A.S., Major in Computer Technology
PC Technician Certificate
Cybersecurity Certificate
Certified IT Professional Certificate

South Carolina Mean Salaries

Tax Preparer – $34,260
Medical Transcriptionist – $34,580


In today’s Advanced Manufacturing operations, qualified employees are essential to a successful production operation. The Quickskills training programs listed below allow people to learn in a relatively short time frame the necessary entry level skills to help them start work with more than a basic understanding.  

Machine Tool CNC Precision Operator

Students will learn and perfect introductory skills in the programming and daily maintenance of CNC machines. Various types of automated equipment, such as Coordinate Measuring Machines are utilized so that students gain practical experience that will help them obtain gainful employment in industry.

Manufacturing Production Technician

The curriculum includes mathematical and statistical techniques and applications, industrial safety and operational principles, production process cycle including resource availability, product specifications and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices, including Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques.

Precision Metrology Certificate 

The Precision Metrology certificate is designed to upgrade or refresh skills for people familiar with measuring systems required in Advanced Manufacturing industries. Working with tolerances on the order of millionths of an inch, Quality Control Inspectors require the knowledge to operate highly sophisticated inspection equipment such as optical comparators, profilometers and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) systems.


If you’re fascinated by technology and enjoy a hands-on approach to problem solving, Engineering Technology may be the right career path for you.   

Electronic Engineering Technology   

The graduate is skilled in the operation, troubleshooting, calibration and repair of electronic instruments and systems found in process control, communications, computers, manufacturing,
programmable logic controllers and microprocessors. 

A.A.S., Major in Electronic Engineering Technology

Engineering Design Technology 

All phases of manufacturing or construction require the conversion of new ideas and design concepts into the basic line language of graphics. 

A.A.S., Major in Engineering Design Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology   

The Mechanical Engineering Technology curriculum equips the graduate for: performing a key role in the mechanical design process; installing, troubleshooting and repairing mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment; programming CNC machine tools, computers, programmable controllers and robots; and performing general maintenance functions.

A.A.S., Major in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Options   

Agreements have been developed to provide options for transfer into three bachelor’s degree programs: The USC Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering programs; SCSU’s bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering Technology (BSEET) degree or the bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSMET) degree programs; and USC Upstate’s Engineering Technology Management B.S. program.

South Carolina Mean Salaries

Electrical and Electronics Drafter – $63,070
Electronic Engineering Technician – $59,480
Mechanical Engineering Technician – $53,740


Students enrolled in any of the Industrial Technology curricula will gain practical experience and technical knowledge. Well-equipped labs, broad-based programs and hands-on opportunities make the difference in their futures.   

Automotive Technology

Students are trained to perform quality maintenance, diagnosis and repair of complex modern vehicles.

A.A.S., Major in Automotive Technology
Automotive Fundamentals Certificate

Building Construction Technology

Students gain practical training in estimating building costs, carpentry, cabinet making, residential wiring, blueprint reading, brick masonry, construction, building codes and safety.

A.A.S., Major in Building Construction Technology
Carpentry Certificate


A.A.S., Major in General Technology – Gunsmithing
Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate
Introduction to Gunsmithing Certificate

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology

Students in this program are educated in the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems.

A.A.S., Major in Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology
Heating Fundamentals Certificate
Refrigeration Applications Certificate
HVACR Installers Certificate

Machine Tool Technology

Students in this program get training and practical experience in machining operations used in the manufacturing industry. The graduate is skilled in the use of precision equipment and can make intricate parts.

A.A.S., Major in Machine Tool Technology
D.A.S., Major in Machine Tool
Computerized Numerical Control Certificate
Machine Tool Operator Certificate

Mechatronics Technology

Combining electronic, mechanical, robotics and information system technologies, this program provides the graduate with the skill set needed for today’s automated manufacturing facilities. 

A.A.S., Major in Mechatronics Technology
Mechatronics Technology I Certificate
Electrical Maintenance Technician Certificate


Students learn to join metal by use of gas-fueled torches and electric arc processes.

A.A.S., Major in General Technology – Welding
D.A.S., Major in Welding
Basic Welding Certificate

South Carolina Mean Salaries

Automotive Technician – $38,810
Carpenter – $40,970
HVAC Technician – $42,620
Electronics Technician – $59,480
CNC Machine Tool Operator – $41,800
Welder – $43,310


With the complexity and diversity of today’s health care system, varieties of health care professionals are needed. To function effectively by providing safe, knowledgeable patient care, the health care professional needs a thorough understanding of basic sciences and individual curriculum theory.  

Cardiovascular Technology 

The Cardiovascular Technologist performs diagnostic tests which are used in the diagnosis, treatment, and serial follow-up of patients with cardiovascular disease. 

A.A.S., Major in Cardiovascular Technology

Emergency Medical Technician

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a vital link in the health care chain. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are employed in areas such as emergency ambulances, private non-emergent transport services, clinics, and other allied health care settings.

Emergency Medical  Technician Certificate

Medical Assisting 

The Medical Assisting program prepares a multi-skilled graduate to function in clinical and administrative areas of the physician’s office and ambulatory care centers. 

A.A.S., Major in General Technology – Medical Assisting
D.A.S., Major in Medical Assisting


The Nursing program will assist students in developing the intellectual, technical and professional competencies necessary to practice. Upon successful completion of the NCLEX licensure exam by the State Board of Nursing for South Carolina, graduates can seek employment as licensed registered nurses or licensed practical nurses depending on their program of study. 

A.A.S., Major in Nursing
D.A.S., Major in Practical Nursing
LPN to ADN Nursing Transition Option

Occupational Therapy Assistant

As only one of three two-year programs of its kind in South Carolina, Piedmont Technical College’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program is a great option for students seeking this in-demand training in the Upstate and Midlands.

A.A.S., Major in Occupational Therapy Assistant

Patient Care Technician 

Because health care is changing at an unprecedented pace, new or varied approaches to patient care are emerging. One such approach is the use of multi-skilled individuals known as Patient Care Technicians who are a part of the health care team.

A.A.S., Major in General Technology – Patient Care Technician
Patient Care Technician Certificate

Pharmacy Technology  

Graduates of the pharmacy technology diploma are health care professionals who assist the pharmacist in a hospital or clinical setting to provide quality health care related to medication administration in an institutional setting. 

A.A.S., Major in General Technology – Pharmacy Technology
D.A.S., Major in Pharmacy Technology

Phlebotomy Technician 

This certificate program provides students with the basic skills necessary for the collection of laboratory blood specimens.

Phlebotomy Technician Certificate

Radiologic Technology 

The Radiologic Technology curriculum is designed to assist students in acquiring the general and technical competencies necessary to enter the radiography field. 

A.A.S., Major in Radiologic Technology

Respiratory Care 

The respiratory care practitioner is trained to assist the medical staff with the treatment, management and care of patients with cardiopulmonary abnormalities or deficiencies. 

A.A.S., Major in Respiratory Care

Surgical Technology   

Surgical technologists are members of the operating team who work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, RN’s and other personnel to deliver patient care before, during and after surgery.

A.A.S., Major in General Technology – Surgical Technology
D.A.S., Major in Surgical Technology

Veterinary Technology  

The veterinary technician works under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. The specialized training received will allow the graduate to seek employment in such areas as clinical medicine, laboratory animal medicine, emergency medicine, pharmaceutical sales, food inspection and government agencies. 

A.A.S., Major in Veterinary Technology

South Carolina Mean Salaries

Cardiovascular Technologist  – $56,630
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) – $40,390
Pharmacy Technician – $30,360
Radiologic Technologist – $52,170
Respiratory Therapist – $55,780
Registered Nurse (RN) – $63,630
Veterinary Technologist – $30,930


Students interested in a career in Public Service may choose majors in Criminal Justice or Early Care
and Education.  

Criminal Justice

This program is designed to prepare professionally-educated and competent criminal justice practitioners for careers within the criminal justice system.

A.A.S., Major in Criminal Justice

Early Care and Education 

The Early Care and Education program offers a combination of classroom instruction and supervised, hands-on experience that prepares students for direct entry into the field of Early Care and Education.

A.A.S., Major in Early Care and Education
A.A.S., Major in Early Care and Education, Infant/Toddler Care Concentration

Early Childhood Development Certificate

Infant/Toddler Certificate

Funeral Service

This program provides the educational foundation needed to seek South Carolina licensure both as an embalmer and as a funeral director. 

A.A.S., Major in Funeral Service
Funeral Service Education Certificate
Embalmer’s Certificate

Human Services

The program prepares students to work in diverse settings such as group homes; correctional, mental retardation and mental health settings; family, child and youth service agencies; and programs concerned with alcoholism, drug abuse, family violence and aging. 

A.A.S., Major in Human Services

South Carolina Mean Salaries

Police Officer – $42,330
Preschool or Daycare Director – $47,280
Preschool Teacher – $27,840
Funeral Director – $47,510
Human Services Assistant – $30,860


The major in General Technology is designed to provide students with an opportunity to upgrade diploma or certificate programs into broader occupational degrees. The program is designed to be substantially individualized to meet the needs of employees who have or seek to have broad technical responsibilities. Total credit hours for this degree must equal 60 or more. Students in the following program areas, with general education courses, may earn an associate in applied science with a general major in general technology: Welding, Gunsmithing, Commercial Art, and Health Science. 


A.A.S. = Associate in Applied Science
D.A.S. = Diploma in Applied Science